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Great Services are commonly supported by excellent servers. And these servers, frequently offer many potential hidden resources, hardwares or softwares. If it is not exactly unused, then it has some "idle time".  For sure, other server can use these resources. Other  here, could mean different server at the same place, or remote server at different places that connected via Internet.  Special connection between several servers that can act as server and or client in a time leads us to P2P connection.

So, here is the Idea: exchange and reuse resources information between servers to build up new collaborated or standalone services. With a special condition, usage of hardware resources is preferred to run in virtual machine, so it doesn't ruin the real system on targeted servers. Yes, I was thinking about P2P, about Java and Virtual Machine, and also JXTA ;)

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  1. Siap pak, siap belajar JXTA :D

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